Teaching has played a big role in my life since the age of 14. My love for this wonderful instrument and my extensive experience have made it possible to achieve many successes with my students, such as helping them pass auditions for music schools and music colleges, as well as receive very good results in competitions.

From personal experience, having changed my violin-playing technique several times, I put emphasis on the bow-hold, holding of the violin, and playing with the left hand. I strive for, as much as possible, a relaxed body during playing. My favorite part of teaching is discovering how to interpret individual musical pieces along with the students, so every feeling and every story is reflected in the sound. I am very thankful that I have had the opportunity to learn from so many excellent musicians who have always treated music as fantasy that has not limits.

It is very important for me to have good and genuine relationships with my students, and I am very thankful that I have such relationships with each and every one of them. I attach a lot of importance on how things are said. Therefore I always make sure that I find the right way for the student to make progress as fast as possible, and so that his potential is fully realized.

I invest all of my energy, focus, and knowledge in teaching, nothing less than what I give on the stage during my own performances. Therefore, I also expect a lot from my students.

Since I have been feeling for some time now a responsibility for the musical progress of the young generation, I have decided to do something more – to create a musical community. Kastelic Music Academy is home of quality musical knowledge, empathy and support. I am sincerely thankful for such a good team, that is looking forward to making excellent music, having good students, and delivering great results.


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