SUCCESS at the Kastelic Music Academy Berlin

Saturday, 4. September 2021

Gratulation to Tjašas student Mia Faber, a young rising star!

After just 2 years playing the violin, Mia already won 3 prizes at the international competitions and place at the Opernkinderorchester Staatsoper Berlin.


Mia Faber is 10 years old and is playing the violin for 2 years. For 1,5 years is Mia studying violin with Tjaša Kastelic. From the first beginning, Tjaša recognizes Mia’s high talent and dedication to the violin and music. With learning precisely the violin basic techniques Mia very soon began to make unbelievable progress and results. After 1 year of studying together, Mia started with competitions with a very difficult piece from Bartok, Romanian Volksdances. With this piece, Mia won the prizes at the Grand Metropolitan International Music Competition, International Competition in Hungary and Jugend Musiziert in Berlin. In June 2021 Mia won the audition for the Opernkinderorchester Staatsoper Berlin.

We gratulate sincerely to Mia and wish her much joy with great results in the future!

Progress of Mia